A No-Nonsense Game about Personal Finance, Money Management, & Budgeting

Take control of your personal finances through game-based learning! Your Financial Story is a hand drawn, visual-novel personal finance simulation game for young adults that teaches financial literacy skills in an intuitive, evidence based way.

Write your own financial story; Discover how to leave your parent's house, choose a career, and adapt to real life situations as you learn how to budget for life along the way.

Practical Financial Education

  • Practice the world's most effective budgeting method (Zero-sum) in environments tailored to your personal financial situation.

Discover Top Careers

  • Learn top earning careers available with a high school diploma, trade certificate, or university degree

  • Simulate a multitude of future lives through trying out multiple career paths & multiple branching playthroughs

  • What would your life look like as an Engineer? City Worker? Teacher?

Explore a Hand-Drawn Comic Book World

  • Explore a vast, comic book world, jumping in and out of different panels & environments

  • Rich branching dialogue trees & storylines; no two stories are ever the same!

  • Drawn by the incredible @Chia_Americo

Adapt to Real Life Financial Situations

  • Experience an engaging real world personal finance simulation

  • Learn practical money skills through adapting to unexpected life events

  • How will you manage pipes bursting, food spoiling, or last minute concert ticket purchases?

Evidence Based Design Improves your Money Management Skills

  • Your Financial Story is designed with the latest in Game-Based Learning research in mind to help you learn through play

Proven to Improve your Financial Skills through Game-Based Learning

  • Learn through game mechanics that transfer learning more effectively than traditional paper & pencil learning methods

Your Financial Story is available on:

MacOS, Windows, & Linux